Catering equipment
Buying procedure

1- Registration by the customer.
This does not imply any obligation. Registration is indispensable for us to be able to quote shipping costs to the customer, and it is a facilitation for the customer, as it is not obliged from time to time to enter their data, such as address, VAT, etc.
With the registration, you can also see all the prices of all the articles on our site, also those normally not visible to unregistered users

2 - Inserting the products into the basket.
All customers can enter the desired products into the cart, without any obligation.

3 - Transport costs
Shipping costs will only be visible to registered customers.
This is not our imposition, but simply, without knowing the destination of the goods, we are unable to quote shipping costs

4- Repeat Order
In this section, the customer may have the full amount of his / her order, including shipping, in case the customer has accumulated loyalty points or has purchased products that entitle him to receive loyalty points, he may be able to pay with them the final amount.
In this section, the customer will be able to choose the most congenial payment type, and decide whether or not to finalize the purchase.
In none of the above steps, the customer is obliged to purchase the goods placed in the shopping cart.

The customer's obligation to purchase will only be effected when the amount of the merchandise is credited to Savit s.r.l's bank account, this will be considered binding by the customer.