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Fidelity points


Q: When can i spend my fidelity points?
A: Anytime. You can spend fidelity points at your first purchase, you're not bond to spend them with further purchases.

Q: What are the fidelity points?
A: GrandiCucineItalia has decided to reward its best customers with the ability to make even cheaper shopping. For certain articles highlighted on our site, each customer will accumulate fidelity points for each purchase.

Q: How can I use my fidelity points?
A: Automatically, at the end of each purchase, the cart will allow the customer to transform his fidelity points in discounts applicable to the final price.

Q: Do I have to use all my points at one time?
A: For each purchase, the customer can use the points they want, the rest will remain at his disposal for any other purchases

Q: What items can I "discount" my fidelity points?
A: Fidelity points can be spent on all items in our catalog.

Q: How long have I been to use my fidelity points?
A: Every customer has their own page, summary of accumulated points, and expiration date.