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Universal Kitchen Machine, Capacity 10 Liters - Water \ Air Cooling

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Code: RIBOT10

Brand: Telme

RIBOT compound , mixture , mounts , cuts , grinds , kneads , heats , cooks , maintains , temper , pasteurize , cool , strikes and freezes food, bread , pasta , rice , meat , fish , vegetables as well as liquid, creamy , pasty , chocolate , ice cream , granita etc.

Design features

- Constructive Simplicity: Delivers the competitive car. The processing of food products are performed in a single cylinder vertically disposed which allows easy filling, constant product visibility and addition of ingredients at any time
- Utilisation of the whole surface of the cylinder to transmit heat or cold
- Ease of assembly and disassembly of the various components which provide coupling elements
- Field Programmable temperature between -15 ° C and 110 ° C
- Time of heating \ cooking programmable from 1 to 999 Minutes
- Agitation from 10 to 500 revolutions per minute. Rotation CW and CCW
- Cycles of operation fully automatic or manual
- Cleaning and sanitizing quick and easy

Standard Kit
Standard cover (1): Used to work / products that do not require heating or cooking
Cover for cooking (2): Prevents condensation on the floor of the car and speeds up the heating or cooking
Reload funnel (3): For various ingredients
Removable coating Protection (4): Protects from heat
Standard Multipurpose mixer (5): For many products Gastronomy, Confectionery, Ice Cream and Chocolate
Shovel Contrast (6): Especially for ice cream and special mixtures

Features and Benefits

- Compound, mixture, mounts, pets, kneads, heats, cooks, maintains, tempers, cools, reduces and freezes food items like bread, pasta, rice, meat, fish, vegetables as well as liquid and creamy.
- Heating through conducting liquid, in circulation, allows cooking mitare and avoids burns Product
- Quick transmission of heating because the product inside the cylinder is mixed
- Precise control of the temperature both for heating and cooling
- Maintain sustained a specific temperature
- Quick cooking and cooling reduce the weight loss and preserve colors, aromas and flavors of natural foods
- Fast killing temperature of the food product mixed inside the cylinder
- Automatic or manual rapid cycles, allow considerable savings
- Wide temperature range allows both chocolate tempering (White, Dark, Milk) as well as the preparation of ice cream, sorbets and Granite
- Possibility to instantly vary the speed of rotation
- Direction of rotation and variable shape of the components contribute to the provision of comprehensive, automated products.
- Guarantee hygiene: The product is not subject to the manipulations vacuum packaging


Blast chilling, executed with surprising speed compared to the time needed for a real blast chiller, avoids the manipulations, the drop in weight by evaporation and allows to sanitize the product is quickly ready for storage, preferably under vacuum, at a low temperature.
They will be preserving the nutritional quality of the food, their color, their texture, assuring consumers maximum taste and consistent quality.
The storage at low temperature allows to optimize the operations already carried in quantities economically advantageous. With RIBOT you can then program the work to save time and money.
With RIBOT, pastry doughs, thanks to the possibility of controlled temperature, give results of excellent yield, increase in volume and fluidity of the product. The various ingredients, butter, eggs, sugar, amalgamate better and faster. The constant and automatic processing, simplifies the process and enables time savings and energia.Qui below some of the pastries that automatically prepares RIBOT: dough, pastry cream, butter cream, custard, Bavarian, fruit jam, fruit poached. fruit sauce, salsa nocella, mousses, meringues, icings, macarona, panna cotta, zabaglione, creme brulee, creme brulee, pudding, caramel and mascarpone.
RIBOT has the vertically placed cylinder for easy filling (particularly useful in ice cream) and is characterized by an effective mixing of the ice cream that you go trasformando.L'agitatore, with scraping elements furniture, pushes upwards the product thereafter falls to force of gravity.
The temperature cycle obtained with different quantities of mix, always the same result: A fine and creamy ice cream. The reversal of the direction of rotation and speed, appropriate agitator, ensures optimal extraction. At the end of the cycle, the product is rapidly dispensed ready for immediate sale. The washing of the few components, easily removable without tools, is simple and provides maximum hygiene.


Model RIBOT10
Voltage V/Hz/f  400/50/3
 Measurements (lxpxh) cm 49x60x110
 Capacity  Lt 10
Net weight  Kg 185