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Multipurpose Electrical Oven ARIANNA-MATIC - 04 EN 46x33 Trays - MASTER Model

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Brand: Unox

In Order to Set-Up and Manage the Oven the Best Way Possible, we Strongly Recommend the Purchase of the Following Accessories
Internet Connection Kit - Wi-Fi or LAN - Water Treating System - Cod. XHC010

BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ is the range of ovens designed for baking frozen baked foods in commercial spaces, where timing is crucial and volumes are vast. Any mistake can cost you greatly, and every second counts. BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ ovens are the result of UNOX’s years of research and experience in supermarket bakery departments, convenience stores and fast food chains. They are designed for optimal performance in all working conditions and to be simple to use. Using the latest smart technology, they provide the outlet with real support and can adapt to any working environment, be it behind the scenes in a prep room or in an open kitchen on the shop floor.
Voltage V/Hz/f 230/50-60/1
Dimensions Cm 60 x 66,9 x 50,2h
Tray Capacity 04 - EN 46x33
Power kW 3.5
Tray to Tray Gap Cm 7.5
Weight Kg 39

Design and Intelligence.
The elegance of glass and the technology of touch controls, as well as the built-in internet connection.
Everything you could possibly imagine in an oven is now in your hands. Created to be perfect. In every detail.

- Touch Screen Display Controls

Electric Convection Oven with Humidity.
Horizontal Door Opening. Automatic Door Opening at the End of the Cooking Process.
* From 1 to 9 Baking Steps
* Temperature from 50 to 260 °C
* Humidity Percentage 0-20–40–60–80–100%
* Double Fan Speed
* ADAPTIVE.Cooking Technology
* AUTO.Soft Technology
* SMART.Preheating Technology
* 896 Possible Programs
* Equippable with Prover
* Equippable with Wi-Fi or Lan Connection
* MULTI.Time Function
* CHEF.Unox Programs


This technology registers changes in temperature, estimates the amount of food actually being cooked, and automatically adjusts the baking process by tweaking the time and temperature as needed, guaranteeing you perfect, identical results with every batch.
A sharp increase in temperature in the presence of delicate products, in high oven load capacity conditions, can result in a non optimal cooking process. This technology will detect food and quantity to gently adjust the temperature raise in order to not compromise the final result.
This technology will automatically adjust the temperature needed, taking the previous cooking process in consideration. The perfect Pre-Heating temperature will be set, and even if the chamber is still warm form a previous use, the oven will cool it down to rapidly reach the needed chamber condition.
This System will gather data, info, cooking processes, analyzing ypur way to use the oven and giving suggestions for a better use and better energy saving.
Thanks to this technology, you will be able to cook a full load of different products having an analog cooking process. The oven will tell you which tray is ready and needs to be taken out.
Start baking even not knowing the oven. Thanks to this Unox baking programs archive, you just need to respect the quantities shown and get excellent results from the very first try.


 BAKERY.Pure - Cartridge Replacement - SHOP.Pro Series

Cartridge Replacement for Water Treatment System BAKERY.Pure

Code: XHC011

Brand: Unox

€ 54,00
(IVA excluded)

€ 65,88
(IVA 22% included)

 BAKERY.Pure - Water Treatment System - SHOP.Pro Series

The BAKERY.Pure water treatment system improves the water quality significantly reducing the hardness of carbonates, thereby avoiding the limescale deposits within the oven.

Code: XHC010

Brand: Unox

€ 108,00
(IVA excluded)

€ 131,76
(IVA 22% included)

 Buzzer Volume Enhancement Kit

€ 76,00
(IVA excluded)

€ 92,72
(IVA 22% included)

 Extraction Hood with Steam Condenser - SHOP.Pro EN 46x33 Series

€ 1.111,50
(IVA excluded)

€ 1.356,03
(IVA 22% included)

 High Open Stand with Tray Holder - For EN 46x33 Ovens

€ 456,00
(IVA excluded)

€ 556,32
(IVA 22% included)

 LAN Connection Kit designed for Bakerlux SHOP.Pro Ovens

LAN Connection Kit designed for Bakerlux SHOP.Pro Ovens - MASTER or TOUCH

Code: XEC011

Brand: Unox

€ 342,00
(IVA excluded)

€ 417,24
(IVA 22% included)

 Medium Open Stand with Tray Holder - For EN 46x33 Ovens

€ 432,25
(IVA excluded)

€ 527,35
(IVA 22% included)

 Oven or Stand Feet Kit - For EN 46x33 Format

€ 121,60
(IVA excluded)

€ 148,35
(IVA 22% included)

 Prover - Capacity N°08 EN 46x33 Trays - SHOP.Pro Series

€ 1.007,00
(IVA excluded)

€ 1.228,54
(IVA 22% included)

 Prover Feet Kit

Code: XUC045

Brand: Unox

€ 121,60
(IVA excluded)

€ 148,35
(IVA 22% included)

 Pump Kit for MAXI.Link Solution

€ 123,50
(IVA excluded)

€ 150,67
(IVA 22% included)

 Stacking Kit for SHOP.Pro Ovens - EN 46x33 Format

€ 256,50
(IVA excluded)

€ 312,93
(IVA 22% included)

 Stand for Floor Placement - EN 46x33 Format

€ 180,50
(IVA excluded)

€ 220,21
(IVA 22% included)

 Water Reservoir for EN 46x33 Oven Placed on Stand

€ 152,00
(IVA excluded)

€ 185,44
(IVA 22% included)

 Water Reservoir for EN 46x33 Oven Placed on Worktop

€ 218,50
(IVA excluded)

€ 266,57
(IVA 22% included)

 Water Reservoir for EN 60x40 Oven Placed on Prover

€ 226,10
(IVA excluded)

€ 275,84
(IVA 22% included)

 Waterless Extraction Hood - SHOP.Pro EN 46x33 Series

€ 1.035,50
(IVA excluded)

€ 1.263,31
(IVA 22% included)

 Wi-Fi Connection Kit designed for Bakerlux SHOP.Pro Ovens

Wi-Fi Connection Kit designed for Bakerlux SHOP.Pro Ovens - MASTER or TOUCH

Code: XEC012

Brand: Unox

€ 445,50
(IVA excluded)

€ 543,51
(IVA 22% included)