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Multipurpose Electrical Oven for Pastry - 16 EN 60x40 Trays - Baker Top MindMaps PLUS

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Brand: Unox

 In Order to Set-Up and Manage the Oven the Best Way Possible, we Strongly Recommend the Purchase of the Following Accessories
First Installation Kit - Code XUC001 - Detergent - Code DB1015
Water Treating System - Code XHC003 - WiFi Kit - Code XEC006

Electrically Powered
Power Supply V/Hz/f 400/50-60/3
Dimensions Cm 89,2 x 101,8 x 187,5h
Tray Capacity N° - Kind 16 - EN 60x40
Power kW 38,5
Tray to Tray Gap Cm 8
Weight Kg 292
Extractable Tray Trolley Included

More powerful than a dashboard, easy as a control panel

MASTER.Touch PLUS is an intuitive space for dialogue between you and the oven. Communication becomes truly mutual, two-way. The result of an intelligent technology, which realizes the expected results, check any changes to the parameters during the cooking process and suggest the best way to get to the perfect cooking (ADAPTIVE.Cooking ™) .MASTER.Touch PLUS gives you access to programs ChefUnox cooking. In this way, even if not familiar with the oven, immediately begins to cook. If you know but want to rely on experience Unox, you just touch a button.







.Unique Features for Mind.Maps PLUS ovens

Do not select a cooking process. Draw your own.
The visual language MIND.Maps ™ technology allows you to realize even the most elaborate cooking process with a few hand gestures on the display.

Cook immediately, even if you do not know the oven.
When you want to delegate, there ChefUnox and its cooking processes immediately since the ignition. All the Unox experience accessible with just one click.

Make your master creations repeatable.
With MIND.Maps ™ you can save all your cooking processes and turn them into a wealth of experience available to all your employees. Your master’s touch repeatable as many times you want, with just a click.

Work with a really smart oven.
The ADAPTIVE.Cooking ™ system understands the result you want, interprets your cooking settings, records changes in humidity and temperature while cooking and self adapts itself to give exactly the result you expect.

Grill, Pan Fry, Steam Cooking and more.
Whatever the cooking technique you want to execute, and whatever its ideal level of humidity is, DRY.Maxi ™ and STEAM.Maxi ™ regulate the moisture in the oven for a top-quality result.

Always demand the highest quality, whatever the load.
The AIR.Maxi ™ technology distributes the air in a perfectly uniform way. Whatever the load, you always get maximum quality and homogeneity of cooking, from the lowest pan to the upper one

Cook different dishes, all at the same time.
With MULTI.Time program you can simultaneously or sequentially cook up to 10 different dishes. A timer is associated to every dish, in order to give you its cooking process status and warn you when it’s ready.

Cook different dishes and bring them out all together.
The MISE.EN.PLACE program gives you the exact dishes’s baking sequence. It tells you when to insert every single dish in order to have them all ready at the same time.

Work with the guarantee of maximum safety levels.
The Protek.SAFE ™ insulation keeps the surface temperatures within the comfort and way below the limits provided by law.

Do not waste time and don’t make your team lose any.
The AIR.Maxi ™ technology reduces cooking time by up to 40% (compared to the previous series of BakerTop™ ovens). The Rotor.KLEAN ™ system for automatic cleaning and the DET & Rinse ™ detergent will give more time to overcome the great challenges in the kitchen.

Expect a reliable and tireless oven. Just like you are.
Secure technology and robust construction details. Unox doesn’t fear time and allows you to extend your warranty to its products up to 4 years or 10,000 hours of operation. (Equipping the oven with some specific accessories)

Add your master's touch. Freely, whenever you want

And render repeatable your creativity from whatever your collaborator. The visual language MIND.Maps technology allows you to realize even the most elaborate cooking with a few hand gestures on the display. With MASTER.Touch ™ pen can draw your processes and save them in the section MY MIND.Maps: become a wealth of experience repeated countless times. A patented technology unique in the world. MIND.Maps ™ so cancels any distance between what you want and what you get. With a few gestures, now you can really invent your own cooking, and you can control it second by second. Rational rigor and creativity come together to offer you excellent dishes with you and build repeatable processes that reduce time and costs.

Simply: a gesture, a line. You plan, the oven executes.

"Do not select a cooking process. Draw your own."




 2 Stage Security Door Opening\Closure

2 Stage Security Door Opening\Closure

Code: XUC002

Brand: Unox

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 DET&Rinse PLUS - Rotor.KLEAN Detergent

Unox detergent used for Rotor.KLEAN washing system
10 Piece Pack - 1 Liter each Piece

Code: DB1014

Brand: Unox

€ 111,00
(IVA excluded)

€ 135,42
(IVA 22% included)

 External Shower Kit

External Shower Kit

Code: XHC001

Brand: Unox

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 Hood with steam condenser (Only for electric ovens)

Hood with steam condenser (Only for electric ovens), Attachable to Bakertop Models

And Cheftop Models:


Brand: Unox

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 Prover with BakerTouch Integrated Control

Prover with BakerTouch Integrated Control compatible with BakerTop 60x40 Ovens

Code: XEBPC-16EU-D

Brand: Unox

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 Prover with Manual Control

Prover with Manual Controls

Code: XEBPC-16EU-M

Brand: Unox

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 Tray Trolley - Maximum Capacity 16 Trays EN 60x40

Tray Trolley EN 60x40 with Castors and Handling Bar, compatibile with:


Code: XEBTC-16EU

Brand: Unox

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 UNOX.Link with extra fine sous-vide core probe

USB Interface with OVER.Net 3.0 Software, N°1 Sous Vide Probe

Code: XEC004

Brand: Unox

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 UNOX.Pure - Cartridge Replacement

Cartridge Replacement for Water Treatment System UNOX.Pure - XHC003

Code: XHC004

Brand: Unox

€ 201,65
(IVA excluded)

€ 246,01
(IVA 22% included)

 UNOX.Pure - Water Treatment System

The UNOX.Pure water treatment system improves the water quality significantly reducing the hardness of carbonates, thereby avoiding the limescale deposits within the oven.

Code: XHC003

Brand: Unox

€ 303,40
(IVA excluded)

€ 370,15
(IVA 22% included)

 UNOX.PureRO - Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The UNOX.Pure-RO system uses the water filtering technology Reverse Osmosis, to ensure complete demineralization of any type of water, protecting the cooking chamber from any form of corrosion and lime deposit. The UNOX.Pure-RO system filters any metal ions such as lead, copper and solid particles. Unox.PureRO is equipped with a pump able to compensate any lack of pressure in the water network.

Code: XHC002

Brand: Unox

€ 1.332,00
(IVA excluded)

€ 1.625,04
(IVA 22% included)

 Wi-Fi Connection Kit designed for MIND.Maps PLUS Ovens

Wi-Fi Connection Kit designed for MIND.Maps PLUS Ovens

Code: XEC006

Brand: Unox

€ 244,80
(IVA excluded)

€ 298,66
(IVA 22% included)